Global Trade Leadership
Avax Plus Company pioneers in facilitating import and export with comprehensive competitive solutions for global clients.
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Future-Proof Supply Strategies
With full command of international regulations and a smart team, Avax Plus sketches a vibrant future for supply chain strategy.
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Commitment to Excellence
Commitment to quality, supply chain excellence, and client satisfaction is the cornerstone of Avax Plus’s philosophy.
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Avax Plus Company, an active commercial company in the field of import and export, has been a pioneer in facilitating and providing comprehensive solutions for supplying goods with competitive advantages to target audiences worldwide, taking very positive and constructive steps at the global business level.

To achieve its goals, Avax Plus’s goal has gathered an intelligent team with a full command of international regulations and the existing challenges in the procurement, transfer, and timely delivery of goods in the field of export and import. It has also developed a logical and implementable solutions, and has outlined a very promising outlook in terms of developing a supply strategy.

Supplying goods in the aluminum production chain from globally well-known producers, ensuring timely delivery, and customer satisfaction have been the concrete and tangible examples of Avax Plus’s commitment to its responsibilities.

Working closely with industry leaders and focusing on the details and customer concerns through communicating with top logistics companies, reputable suppliers, and full command of the complexities and challenges of customs affairs, maintaining continuous and effective connection with joint chambers of commerce, and updating our knowledge in export and import through a well-trained professional team, have enabled us to achieved our goals.

Our commitment to quality, provisioning, developing, and implementing solutions, and ultimately the satisfaction of our customers, is the foremost goal of Avax Plus Company.


Respected producers, entrepreneurs, and trade managers

Earning foreign currency and developing export markets, product manufacturing, and achieving sustainable development are our primary concerns. We stand by you, utilizing all our capabilities, to support the sustainable development of your subsidiaries. Through familiarizing ourselves with target markets, identifying consumer needs through participation in exhibitions, engaging with chambers of commerce, and having a thorough understanding of export knowledge, with the most important aspect being branding your products for global consumption, we aim to play a valuable and fundamental role.

Your presence is a golden leaves in our commercial portfolio and will continue to be so. We are proud of you.


Respected buyer,

We assure you that our team at Avax Plus, with full knowledge of all supply concerns, preventing time wastage, ensuring timely delivery, and offering minimal cost, and competitive quality, stands by your side to fully support the goals set by your organization. Together, we aim to take small but significant steps towards achieving sustainable development in the narrow field of global competition.

Avax Plus, based on technology and a diverse supply strategy tailored to your preferences, will always be by your side.


Dear colleagues,

All the potentials of Avax Plus will be utilized in order to facilitate and achieve the goals of supply, alongside the companionship and sympathy of respected traders. We believe that by helping each other, we will be able to serve producers and end consumers effectively, taking significant steps together.

CEO of Avax Plus
Ayhan Aktaş